1 Radio frequency singnal detector.

For checking home and office for RF transmitting surveilance devices.


Detects all kinds of micro radio transmitters, working with a minimum power capacity.

- size - 90mm x 55mm x 23mm
- frequency range- 5MHz - 1,5GHz
- sensitivity in the utmost points of the frequency range > 0,2 mV
- power supply- 1 battery 9V
- indication - light, linear, with 4 LED

For making tests, we've included a micro power generator of sine signal with one transistor in the package. This generator transmits a signal much more lower than that of a radio-controlled toy's remote, or a home radio phone.

The hidden listening radio microphones are usually composed of a more powerful generator, which signal is modulated by frequency, amplitude, phase or width-impulse.

Attention! - The radio transmit detector should be kept at a distance of 4-5 meters away from a working microwave oven.

Price: $77 USD

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1 Bee venom collector BV0508

A quality product developed using latest technology for maximum performance, as close as possible to the perfect way to collect bee venom. Usable by both professionals and amateurs alike.


More about the Bee Venom Collector BV0508
The bee venom collector, model BV0508, is developed with the idea to make natural bee venom collecting as easy as possible, while at the same time being next to completely harmless for the bees. Forget the old clumsy, enormous, amateur devices, powered with huge batteries – this product is as compact as it can be, no external cables and wires, no unneeded old-fashioned details. Precision of work is guaranteed by a microprocessor inside, with software optimized to provide: excellent results; extreme care for bees’ health; amazingly easy to use. The bee venom collector represents the current most rational way of collecting bee venom.